11+ Best Colleges In Montreal For Indian International Students

Are you looking for list of Colleges In Montreal For Indian International Students? You no further need to find it elsewhere. Montreal is popular for international students, and there are several colleges which are in different parts of Montreal. With wide range courses/programs that caters to international students. In addition, Montreal is home to many known colleges where students from India and across the world come to pursue their desired education. 

Colleges in Montreal offer a variety of benefits to international students, including the opportunity to learn French and immerse yourself in Quebec culture. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that Montreal is one of the most popular destinations for international students.

Before you dive into list, as an international student studying or willing to study, you should be knowing their Types of Colleges in Montreal for International students.

Types of Colleges in Montreal (International Students)

Before you dive into list, as an international student studying or willing to study, you should be knowing their Types of Colleges in Montreal.

  • CEGEPs or Public Colleges
  • Private Colleges

1. CEGEP or Public Colleges 

CEGEP (English pronunciation SEE-jep), CEGEP is a publicly funded college in the province of Quebec, Canada. There colleges are established in 1967, where you can study 2 years programs. 

2. Private College

There are two kinds of private colleges,

  1. Subsidized private colleges
  2. Non – Subsidized College

List of Colleges in Montreal for International Students 

As mentioned above, discover list of All (public and private) the colleges in Montreal, where you can study as an international student.

Following list of colleges, which are DLI (designated learning institutes) approved. You must have acceptance letter from verified DLI to get a study permit to study. 

  1. Herzing College Montreal
  2. LaSalle College (Montreal Campus)
  3. Dawson College
  4. Vanier College
  5. Cegep GIM, Montreal (Cegep de la Gaspésie et des Iles)
  6. Cegep Marie Victorian 
  7. Aviron Technical Institute of Montreal 
  8. TAV College
  9. CDI College
  10. Matrix College
  11. MCIT – Montreal College of Information Technology 

These most common colleges where most of Indian and International students are studying, FYI, these are not universities. Don’t get confused, there is difference between University and College in Montreal, in fact in Canada too. 

Herzing College Montreal

Herzing College (Montreal Campus), is favourite in top colleges. It’s a private college located in Downtown Montreal. Offers over 10 courses for international students in English language.

LaSalle College Montreal Campus

LaSalle College is location in Downtown Montreal, which is favourite in top colleges in Montreal for International students. 5 campuses across Canada with over 60+ programmes, LaSalle college in one of the trusted colleges in Montreal.

Dawson College

Dawson College falls under network of CEGEPs that is top pre university or public colleges network in the province. International students across the world are studying in Dawson College, Montreal. Which has programs in 7+ field for international students.

Vanier College

Vanier College is public college, falls under CEGEPs network. It has variety of courses over 20 plus career options in English language for international students. 

Cegep GIM, Montreal (Cegep de la Gaspésie et des Iles)

CegepGIM also falls under CEGEPs network In Quebec, offers variety of programs for international students. It’s also one of the most common colleges for Indian International students studying in Montreal.

Cegep Marie Victorian 

CEGEP Marie Victorian, Itself, is an public college, falls under group of CEGEPs. Offers ACS programs in Accounting & Management, Trade, ECE and Computerised Financial Management. This college started to offer courses to Indian international recently. 

Aviron Technical Institute of Montreal 

Aviron Technical Institute of Montreal is a private college. Which offers courses in technical field such as Automobile Mechanics, Industrial Drafting, Welding & Fitting and Electricity.

TAV College

TAV College, is government subsidised colleges in Montreal. Offers DEC and AEC courses in various fields such as management, digital marketing, informational technology, ECE, science etc.

CDI College

CDI college is a private college, established over 50 years ago in Montreal, which also offers programs to international students in various fields. Such as Art and Design, Business, Dental, ECE etc.

Matrix College

Matrix College is also a private college to study for international students in Montreal. It’s one of the most common colleges for Indian studying in Montreal. Offers various courses in all the mainstream fields. 

MCIT – Montreal College of Information Technology

MCIT – Montreal College of Information Technology, is known for its informational technology field’s courses such as Data Science, Network Cloud Computing, Programming & Quality Assurance and Business & IT Management.

I believe, there could be other colleges to study as an international student in Montreal. You might find another college for sure. This list is collection of most common colleges where 4 out of 5 Indian students have been studying or completed their course/study by far. 

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