How To Renew Indian Passport In Montreal

For Indians living in Montreal, who is looking for how to renew Indian passport in Montreal? You’ve just jumped to a step-by-step process. ‘BLS International – Canada’ makes it very easy to apply for passport renewal in Montreal, in fact, anywhere in Canada.

Indian passport is a very important identification in any foreign country. It’s first and foremost important document of identification, One should always get it renewed before the date of expiry. 

Is your Indian passport in Canada expiring soon? Don’t worry at all, you can simply apply to renew it yourself. Start your process as soon as possible. The passport can be submitted for re-issue up to one year before it expires (recommended by BLS Internationals Canada).

How To Apply For Renewal Of Indian Passport In Montreal

Please overview basic steps (as of 2023), to renew Indian passport In Montreal on official website BLS Internationals Canada Service Inc. 

We’ve added respective pictures accordingly the process which will be very helpful to follow step by step process for renewing Indian passport in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and services.

  • Visit BLS International Official Website:
  • Choose Your Jurisdiction (Ottawa For Montreal) :
  • Click on Passport Service :
  • Choose New Booklet or Renewal :
  • Find Respective Form From Forms and Annexures :
  • Select The Region/Country From Where You Wish To Apply For Passport Services :
  • Register to Apply for Passport Services:
  • Fill The Application for Renew/Re-Issue Passport (Blue Passport)
  • Print Your Application & Submit at BLS Center Montreal

1. Visit BLS International Official Website

Search for ‘ BLS India- Canada ‘, which is official and trust-worthy partner of the High Commission of India in Canada, where you apply for services like passport, OCI, PIO and consular applications. 

google search query for BLS India Canada or BLS International

The only official website for this process is, . Don’t fall into any other web-site or trap.

2. Choose Your Jurisdiction (Ottawa For Montreal)

Applicants need to choose respective jurisdiction before proceeding any further step, where Montreal falls under Ottawa judication of BLS center and click Proceed. 

choosing respective jurisdiction for Montreal on BLS India canada

Review your location from above options and for people living in Montreal, choose OTTAWA JURISDICTION to for next step.

3. Click on Passport Service

Choose Passport Services from all the options given at the page and click on it to find options related to passport services.

4. Choose New Booklet or Renewal

Choose NEW BOOKLET OR RENEWAL from the given option where you will find all the information about renewing a new passport, application fees, required documents, processing time, forms and annexures.

5. Find Respective Form From Forms and Annexures

In Forms and Annexures, You will find an option to fill Online Application form by clicking respective link, where you find a new tab which is online official  passport portal by Indian government. 

forms and annexures of renewal of Indians passport

After clicking on online application form, a new tab of which is official Indian official portal for registering for a renewal.

6. Select The Region/Country From Where You Wish To Apply For Passport Services

After landing to Official website of passport portal website India, Please choose region – AMERICAS and country CANADA as below,

7. Register to Apply for Passport Services

You can easily find out Register prompt to apply for passport services. Click on Register, start the process by filling out required information and set Login id and password, which will be required to fill out the form, checking status and tracking of your passport.

register option at official portal of Indian passport website

8. Fill The Application for Renew/Re-Issue Passport (Blue Passport)

After registration, you will be able to login at passport portal using your login id and password. Where you can find an option, click on Ordinary Passport : Application for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport:

form for Indian Passpor Renewal In Montreal

form to renews Indian passport in Canada

After filling your application you make sure to double check your form, review all the information and submit your application.

9. Print Your Application & Submit at BLS Center Montreal

After submitting your application online, take a print out of it. Submit your application at BLS International Center, Montreal.

Address : BLS International Canada Montreal 1000 Sherbrooke St W Unit No. 701, Montreal, Quebec H3A 3G4.

You can also send it via mail (post) to the BLS centre but we recommend you to walk in/visit to centre yourself, which is way easier, in fact you can save charges of it.

Required Documents For Renew Indian Passport in Montreal

We’ve put up list of requirement documents to renew/re-issues Indian passport in Montreal before submitting your application at BLS center, which are as following.

  • Signed copy of passport re-issue/renew application
  • 2 Passport size photograph (Recent) – 51mm x 51mm
  • Self attested copy of first and last page of passport
  • Copy of valid visitor/study/work permit or PR card
  • Canadian address proof (current) -DL, utility bill
  • Indian address proof – copy of DL, Aadhar card, Voter ID
  • Singed passport re-issue checklist (as per jurisdiction)
  • Annexure form E & Personal Particular Form
  • Signature on documents and hand filled form (by Ink only)

You can also find out list of required documents yourself, (click here) Required Documents on BLS website (please refer step 5 image). Please note that required documents varies for every Jurisdiction.

You should also carry all your original documents when you walk in to BLS center, If you are mailing it, do not send your original documents.

Application Fees For Renewing Indian Passport In Canada

Application Fees for renewing Indian Passport in Canada varies $103.40 to $227.40 (CAD), Please review picture below to know application fees.

Please review this YouTube video for more details :

Processing Time To Renew Indian Passport In Canada

It takes 4-8 weeks to get a renewed Indian passport in Canada. For those who have sent it via mail it might take additional 3-4 days. Incomplete applications of missing fee will cause more delay.

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