New Online Portal For French Language Learning Launched in Quebec

Quebec has introduced a new online platform that will make the process a lot smoother. The platform, named Francisation Québec, has been designed to be the one-stop-shop for enrolling in French classes, most of which are offered free of charge by the Quebec government.

The initiative was officially launched by Christine Fréchette, Minister of Immigration, Francization and Integration, and Jean-François Roberge, who is responsible for the French language. It’s a response to Bill 96’s provision of free access to francization services, aiming to simplify and improve the process of learning French.

This exciting development, set to be active from this Thursday, aims to simplify the enrolment process for French-language instruction. The platform will cater to newcomers, employers who wish to enhance their employees’ French language skills, and even individuals residing in other countries who are planning to move to Quebec.

Christine Fréchette at Launch of Francisation Québec

The portal also opens up French language learning opportunities to Canadian-born English speakers over the age of 16 who are not currently in high school. All the free French courses administered by the province can be accessed on a dedicated website named “Apprendre le français”, which will also serve as a platform for learners to check the status of their applications. Learning options are flexible, with opportunities for workplace-based instruction or individual, part-time learning either in-person or online.

If you’re already enrolled in any of the government’s French-language instruction programs, the transition to the new site will be seamless, with no need to re-register for your courses.

While the registration page of the new website will initially be in French, forms for registration will be available in English and Spanish by the end of the month, and other languages will be added in due course. For those who need it, assistance in filling out the forms will be provided through online video tutorials and an English FAQ section, with Spanish tutorials to be added soon.

Why is Francisation Québec Created?

The newly launched platform, named Francisation Québec, was created with the objective to simplify the enrolment process for French-language instruction. This development comes in response to the growing demand for French language proficiency among newcomers, native non-French speakers, and employers wishing to boost their employees’ French language skills​.

Interestingly, there’s been a marked increase in the desire to learn French, leading the ministers to anticipate a rise in sign-ups in the coming months. However, the exact demand is currently unknown. Not to worry, though, as Francisation Québec is prepared to adapt to the demand and is continually hiring teachers to cater to the needs of learners. In fact, there are currently 550 teachers employed in the department.

This initiative is expected to provide more clarity on the number of people engaging in the francization process. In the previous year alone, over 37,000 people participated in a francization process, showing an increase of 16 per cent from the year before. The year 2022-2023 saw an even bigger increase of 25 per cent, with nearly 46,000 people registering.

Who Can Register?

Francisation Québec is not limited to just newcomers or immigrants. For the first time, the portal also welcomes Canadian-born English speakers over the age of 16 who are not currently enrolled in high school. Individuals residing in other countries who plan to move to Quebec can also register for French classes through this platform​.

The initiative has received positive feedback, particularly from the English community. Eva Ludvig, the president of the Quebec Community Groups Network, sees this as a positive outcome of Bill 96 and something English-speaking Quebecers have desired for a long time: access to French-language courses similar to what new immigrants receive.

Remember, learning a new language not only opens up new opportunities but also helps in understanding and appreciating the local culture more deeply. So, if you’ve been considering learning French, the launch of this new portal could be your perfect starting point.

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