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Top 10 Indian Grocery Stores in Montreal

Unsurprisingly Indian grocery stores are in every corner of Montreal. Indian people are living in most of the areas in the city. With raising Indian population in Montreal, it’s essential to have them in most part of the city. Montreal has several Indian groceries stores present day. Let’s discover Best Indian grocery stores in Montreal.

Montreal is a great city for food lovers. Not only is there a huge variety of cuisines to choose from, but the quality of the food is usually quite good as well. This is especially true when it comes to Indian food. There are dozens of Indian restaurants in Montreal, but if you’re looking to cook your own Indian food at home, you’ll need to go to an Indian grocery store. Here are three of the best Indian grocery stores in Montreal.

We’ve gathered all the information of best Indian grocery stores around Montreal.  Regarding their quality of items, range of Indian grocery items, rates, availability and customer satisfaction. The top Indian grocery stores are as below:

Best Indian Grocery Stores in Montreal

Indian grocery stores are specialty stores that sell Indian food products, including spices, lentils, rice, and snacks. They may also sell fresh produce and dairy products, as well as Indian-style breads and desserts.

Whether you’re looking for fresh produce, frozen meals, or hard-to-find spices, these top 10 Indian grocery stores in Montreal are sure to have what you need. From family-owned businesses to large supermarkets, these stores offer a great selection of products at competitive prices.

  • Marche Lavaniya
  • Marche Victoria Orientale Regd
  • Tharsini Super Market
  • Dhillon Brothers Grocery
  • Marche Bhane
  • Marche Chauhan Brothers
  • Marche Desi Mandi
  • Marche Om India
  • Marche Al Mizan
  • Marche Patel

Marche Lavaniya

Marche Lavaniya is a popular Indian grocery store in Montreal among customers for its well-managed operations and wide selection of Indian items. With a variety of groceries, fruits, and special items such as rakhis for Raksha Bandhan, this store has something for everyone. Many customers have made it their regular go-to for Indian groceries, praising the moderate prices and wide variety of products. Even those who have recently moved to the area have found it to be a convenient and reliable source for all their Indian grocery needs, although some customers have noted that the prices may be slightly higher than other stores.

Marche Lavaniya

Marche Lavaniya is best Indian grocery stores if you are living around Cote Des Neiges area, Notre Dame De Grace, Snowdown, Plamondon or nearby these areas. The store is located on main street cote des neighs, almost in the centre of CDN area.

Best Indian grocery store if you are looking for wide range of Indian snacks such as Balaji, Haldiram, Raju, Real, Krishna and much more near greater Montreal.

Website : Marche Lavaniya

This store offered various kinds of Indian products including all the famous Indian brands for grocery, Indian sweets, Indian dairy products, Snacks (Real, Balaji, Haldiram, Ashoka). There are many frozen products and instant cook Indian food is available. 

Marche Victoria Orientale Regd

Marché Victoria Orientale Regd is a popular Indian grocery store located in Montreal, Quebec. The store is known for its wide selection of Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani products and ingredients. The store is situated at 6324 Victoria Ave and is known for its clean and well-organized layout, making it easy to navigate and find what you need.

The prices at Marché Victoria Orientale Regd are also considered to be reasonable and moderate when compared to other Indian grocery stores in the area. The staff is also friendly and helpful and always ready to help customers with their shopping needs. Additionally, the store has a great selection of fruits and vegetables which are fresh and ripe. They also have a variety of meats and full of spices and dry foods for Southeast Asian cooking and other cuisines. Many customers have also noted that the store has great value products at a lower cost than Maxi, Walmart or other big grocers.

Marche Victoria is one of the oldest Indian grocery store in Montreal. Nearest option for Indian people living in Plamondon, Cote Saint Katherine and nearby. Located in Plamondon area’s core on the Victoria Street. This grocery store has all authentic items and best place to find all the Indian vegetables. Wide range of Indian spices, dairy products, frozen food and fruits. This place has best price range respectively rest of Indian grocery stores in Montreal.

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Marche Tharsini

Tharsini Super Market is mainly a south Indian style grocery store which is located in between Snowdown and Plamondon area. Various kind of south Indian spices, fish products and south Indian snacks are their speciality. Store also have all kind of Indian utensils/tools. This is best place for people living around Westmount, Snowdown, Cote Saint Luc and Decarie Boulevard. 

Marche Tharsini is a neighborhood supermarket located at 5670 Victoria Ave in Montreal, Quebec. It stocks a wide range of products, including fresh fruits and vegetables, wine, beer, meat, and fish. The store has received positive reviews for its cleanliness and wide selection of Indian products, including ayurvedic medicines and devotional pooja samagri. Prices on some products may be higher than other nearby shops, but customers have reported that the experience is worth it. The store is conveniently located next to a metro station, and the staff is friendly. Additionally, the store offers a wide selection of South Indian products, especially spices.

Dhillon Brothers Grocery

Dhillon Brother is mainly a Punjabi style Indian grocery store located on Jean Talon Street. You can find most of Punjabi sweets and Punjabi grocery item at this place. This store also has option to buy liquor as well. If you are looking for Indian vegetables and Punjabi snack in particular, It is go to place for people living nearby Jean Talon Street.

Marche Bhane

Marche Bhane is one of the well-known and old Indian grocery store in Montreal. It also has all the kind of Indian grocery items included in their inventory. Indian spices, Indian sweets, fresh vegetables, fruits and all the kinds of meat are available there. Indian people living in Parc Extension nearby areas choose are common customers of the store.

Marche Chauhan Brothers

Marche Chuahan Brother is the main Inidan grocery store for Indian people living in LaSalle and Lachine area of Montreal. This place has all the kind of spices, sweets, vegetables, fruits, snacks and meats to buy at affordable rate.

Marche Desi Mandi

Marche Desi Mandi is in Acadie area on the main street. This grocery store has all the kind of essential things which are required in kitchen like spices, sweets, grains, breads, vegetables, fruit but It also has the best option for meat lovers. You can find all the kind of raw meat to buy and cook at home like chicken, fish, sea food, goat meat and beef as well. People living nearby Acadie area are the daily customers of the store.

Marche Om India

Marche Om India is in Pointe Claire area of Montreal, which is bit far from greater Montreal area. Therefore, Marche Om India is one of the best Indian grocery stores for people living near DDO, Pointe Claire and Dorval.  This is mainly Gujarati grocery store but offers all the kind of Indian grocery items at affordable price.  

Marche Al Mizan

Marche Al Mizan is basically Arabic – Indian grocery store in downtown, Montreal. This store is go to place for people living in downtown. It has all the necessary items at slightly higher rate than rest of the grocery store due to it is located in downtown. Spices, Vegetables, Grains, Breads, frozen food, snacks are the best-selling items of this place. 

Marche Patel

Marche Patel is comparatively smaller grocery store. Only because of stores location, we’ve included this Indian grocery store in list. It is located of Chanabel Street. People living nearby this area have limited options of Indian grocery store and Marche Patel is the best option for them to buy Indian grocery items.

Indian grocery stores offer a convenient way for people to purchase ingredients and other food products that are commonly used in Indian cooking. They often carry a wide range of products that may not be available at mainstream supermarkets or specialty stores. Indian grocery stores are often owned and operated by people from the Indian community, and they may also serve as a gathering place for members of the community.

You can find more information about Indian grocery stores by doing an online search or by asking for recommendations from friends or locals. You can also visit the websites of Indian grocery store chains or specialty stores to learn more about their products and locations.

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